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Vaginal discharge can be an uncomfortable problem to report to your girlfriend or even your mother. However, vaginal discharge is a perfectly normal bodily function and an important way to keep your vagina clean and healthy. Wondering if your secretions are normal or if you should plan an appointment with your gynecologist? Below we analyze everything you need to know about the different types of vaginal discharge. Your body is doing this work for you and the products can lead to infection, or overgrowth of harmful bacteria. Cleveland Clinic recommends using only mild soap and water to keep the vagina clean. Vaginal discharge varies from person to person. Depending on what you mean if your flock is stuck. There are several different types of vaginal discharge that vary in color, composition and odor. Some are normal, others are common signs of infection or other problems and should be visited meaning if the sailor sticks to the doctor. Keep reading for a comprehensive description of all types of vaginal discharge. Richardson says. Wykoff says. However, there are several other possible causes of excess moisture, such as infection, lost tampons, or reaction to a new soap. Tell your doctor if the amount of secretions is bothering you or seems much more than normal.

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Cervical mucus, or ovulatory secretion, changes during the menstrual cycle. If you are trying to conceive, looking at your cervical mucus is a helpful way to predict when ovulation will occur and when your body will be more receptive to your partner's sperm. Look for secretions from the egg white - this cervical mucus is clear and elastic, like raw egg white. White egg discharge is when you are going to ovulate and is the most fertile time to try for a baby! To see the different stages of cervical mucus, see the pictures below. Cervical mucus, sometimes called ovulatory secretion or simply vaginal discharge, is the fluid produced by the cervix. The amount, color, and consistency of cervical mucus changes during the menstrual cycle due to fluctuating hormone levels. You may not have given much importance to cervical mucus in the past, except to observe it in your underwear. However, if you are trying to conceive, looking at cervical mucus can be an important tool. This is because it helps predict when ovulation is present. In most of the month, there may be little or no cervical mucus or it may be thick and sticky.


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Spherical "gelatinous", "thick" or globular sperm can be very scary or worrisome for men experiencing it, especially if the appearance of the sperm has recently changed. What are the possible causes of sperm domes? Should You Visit the Doctor? Healthy, normal sperm have a fairly wide variety of colors, textures, and scents. While the color can range from clear white to opaque white and even a soft yellow hue, its smell and texture can vary as a result of hormonal changes, levels of sexual activity, and even food, food, and drink. consumed. Thus, a sudden change in the appearance of sperm does not automatically indicate a medical condition. Sperm are composed of a wide variety of different substances, only a small percentage of which are sperm. One of these substances is protein, which helps in the process of sperm coagulation, which thickens and fluidizes the sperm. The appearance of gel-like sperm, in some cases even slim "glass noodles," is often caused by the accumulation of these proteins in the testicles as a result of rare ejaculations. If sperm suddenly take on the appearance of pellets after longer weeks or months of no ejaculation, this is the most likely culprit, and participating in more regular intercourse or masturbation may confirm the problem. Another important "ingredient" of sperm is water - and when you are dehydrated, your body first diverts the much needed fluids from where they are not needed. This includes sperm, and a grainy appearance definitely means you need to drink more water. Dietary changes can also affect sperm color, aroma, and thickness, the opposite of a healthy diet and a poor diet that promotes sperm health.

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