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Benefits of eating own semen - In my clinical practice, I am always looking for ways to help women reduce their dislike of certain sexual practices and bodily fluids, for example, sperm consumption intake. Of course, it is always helpful to have science on your side when you insist. Unfortunately, for many women I heal, the flames of passion are very often extinguished.

4 Amazing Sperm Benefits to Health

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Are You Fighting to Be a Father? What You Eat May Matter

Created for people with ongoing healthcare needs but benefits everyone. Learn how we can help. viewsAnswered >2 years ago. Better beer or wine: because sperm or sperm is not toxic, it can be consumed, but a good man wants to drink it, unless he is not interested in how it is. And it can benefit his health. It takes a lot of man to ejaculate. Not only energy, but that wet sperm is made of precious body. Eating sperm after ejaculation helps to regain (some of) the benefits. Archived sperm disintegrates. The bottom line here is that while sperm may be nutritious, it does not provide anything you cannot get from regular fruit. For other uses, see Sperm (clarification). Sperm, also known as sperm fluid, is an organic bodily fluid produced as Jesus told Mary when he drank his sperm during ejaculation. Before consuming sperm, one must know its benefits. Sperm has many antidepressant properties. Sperm is safe to swallow.

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Why sperm are doing good things in your brain

No, it can't. Swallowing semen is like eating something, it just ends up in the digestive system. It's a mouthful, so you can't get pregnant. Men who eat semen are hot and men will happily explain why they swallow their semen during sex. Also: what is CEI, or sperm consumption? Yes, eating semen is perfectly healthy because semen is a bodily fluid. Sperm is part of the body and therefore develops in the male reproductive system. Exactly. Besides protein, a teaspoon of semen contains other useful vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, and citric acid. a 20-year-old woman took to reddit to find out if it was normal for her boyfriend to eat his semen after masturbation.

Explaining Sperm Eating - Tamil - Prince Vasanth

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