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But the taste of a woman constantly in touch with her sensuality overcomes her. My mother screams from another room. Show the world who you are and how you feel. Thus, the two blogs will merge again. This means more posts, more often! See you soon! I created this blog just to publish things and also for fun by posting captions here related to Body Exchange or TG. Sweet dreams from Kekaya's monument. And secondly, every time I appear before him in a new garment, he must say without hesitation. These are the seven steps you must take... Go down the sissification rabbit hole. Below is a photo index of Feminization Stations TG and Sissy Capations. Fun for you. The pins in this table show cisgender women who have interacted with femur wives, male spouses, friends, sons, male daughters, etc. The latter is often very rewarding, more so than punishment. In my travels, those who want to experience forced feminization seem to prefer close, restrictive bonds.

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Ken spent most of his adult life working as a high school facilities manager in Michigan. Ken was responsible for regular maintenance, building repairs, and grooming the sports stadium. No one suspected that Ken hid a deep secret. He imagined that he was forced to dress dominatrixes in women's clothing. Ken considered his cross dressing kink an important aspect of his identity, but feared that no one in his small town in Michigan would understand him. Ken wears black T-shirts, dark jeans, and speaks with hasty, sharp suggestions. He traveled to San Francisco completely alone. This was the first point on his retirement "basket list," a kind of BDSM pilgrimage. Ken is a sissy. Most people think of the term "sissy" as a bunch of adjectives used in school yards. But on a night of weakness, the word creates a different meaning; in the BDSM community, "sisters" are men who are often disguised for sexual pleasure. Many of these men are involved in "sissification" or "forced female" where the dominatrix changes her subordinate male gender role. Some "sissies" enjoy dressing up and are simply not interested in BDSM. Others want a more unning woman, involving spanking, pegging, and bondage.

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