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At least six people were killed Wednesday by a group of armed men who broke into two homes in Siudad Juarez in the naked Mexican city of Mexico City in the public state of Chihuahua, according to initial reports from Siudad Huarez Police, according to Reforma. They arrived with various vehicles and began shooting and wounding five people. Upon arriving at the property, police found the man still alive from the trauma of the shots. They asked Mexican rescue who was naked in public to carry him to the medical center, but died on the way. Mexican security forces began to investigate what happened, but the person in charge was sought and arrested. Politics Video Technology Weather News. Hospitals have discharged two children from an attack on a kindergarten bus in the Montreal area. The Police Observatory is investigating the apparent suicide of a Surrey Police Service member. Last month was the warmest January ever recorded in Charlottetown. An appeal to acquit Edmonton of a breach of duty charge was denied. Biden's 7 biggest lies in Mexico this week. Russia launches major offensive against eastern Ukraine, Luhansk ruler claims. Khaledi MK: Yeshivas is the only moral excuse for Palestinian ownership; more than 6 years in prison, sentenced to Tennessee woman who used funds to relieve covid to travel to Trump resorts and perform plastic surgery.

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Dia al Desnudo is the first public nudist event in Mexico. Nudist blogger Angela walked naked in the streets of Guadalajara and shared her experience. The National Guard, which began operations, is a political institution belonging to the Secretariat of Public Security and Civil Protection. He rode a bus in Puebla, Mexico, for a strip and two complaints are the lack of work in nightclubs and public unrest. The World Naked Bike Launch is held annually in 70 cities in 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and France. Houston public media celebrates Black History Month. Naked cyclists ride the streets of Mexico City as part of the World Naked Bicycle ...

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AARP Purpose Award Fellow Sister Marilyn Lacey Fellow Sister Marilyn Lacey Founder Beyond Mercy Beyond Borders The women and girls we work with believe in themselves and in their ability to secure, support, and improve jobs and acquire the education and skills necessary to do so. The lives of other women in Sudan and Haiti have never seen such devastation as in South Sudan, where sister Marilyn Lacey worked for over 35 years on the job with refugees around the world. He was shocked when he first traveled to southern Sudan and realized that so many refugees were hungry on an undeniable scale, and even more shocked when he learned how women and girls are treated in this part of the world. In addition, Lacey said that when violence erupts in the country, it makes it difficult for children to go to school on a regular basis because families can be displaced several times. Lacey founded a nonprofit organization to provide scholarships to the first elementary school students for girls in southern Sudan and to change the lives of those who provide scholarships and nourish the students. Unlike public schools in the United States that offer free education, public schools in South Sudan charge tuition. This year, she is providing financial support to an elementary school girl and one more girl through gymnasiums and college scholarships. Crossing borders beyond compassion and now offering lessons in alphabetism with microscopic businessmen, Lacey has become the fourth American to win the Opus Award since its inception. In the meantime, find out how you can make a difference in your community with JavaScript. Popular articles. More articles.

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